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Telangana, being the pioneer of Indian IT Industry and with a vision to be a leader in emerging technologies, declares 2020 as the “Year of AI”. 

Telangana will take AI to the next level, and aims to capitalize on the AI opportunity to become the leading AI innovation implementation hub. In order to achieve an ambitious opportunity, a conscious strategy backed with the right investments is critical to developing Hyderabad as a global AI Innovation hub.

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Why Hyderabad?

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, is now recognized as one of the leading Information Technology hubs globally. It houses over 1200 IT companies, both large and small which together employ more than 4 Lakhs professionals, besides supporting an indirect employment to over 6.5 Lakhs people. The sector is growing at a rapid pace. The YoY growth is 16%, which is higher than the national average growth.

Over the last two decades, Hyderabad has placed itself on the global IT map and is now home to some of the leading software companies in the world, such as Microsoft, Google, Deloitte, Facebook, Cognizant, Oracle etc. Many of these companies have made Hyderabad the base for some of their most critical global operations. For example, the only R&D center of Microsoft outside the USA is in Hyderabad. Google has its largest campus outside the US in Hyderabad, and TCS has its largest development center, globally, in Hyderabad. Recently, Amazon joined the ranks of these companies and have opened their biggest campus outside the USA.

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Focus Areas 2020



Law Enforcement & Traffic



AI Strategy Framework 2020

Datasets and Data Exchange Platform

Providing High Quality, Machine Readable Data through Seamless Data Sharing Platform for Better Data Infrastructure and AI implementations.

High Performance Computing Labs

Providing high-performance computing on an Operating Expenditure model to help build the AI ecosystem.

Talent and Education

Preparing AI talent pool by skilling the resources through certificate, graduate and under-graduate courses at premier education institutes.

Governance, Ethics and Privacy

Responsible & non-discriminatory development of AI solutions to ensure social security of citizens, standards and regulations.

Promoting Research and Innovation

Enabling AI Research and Innovation by supporting AI startups/companies in Government AI implementations.

Enabling AI Adoption and Community Collaboration

Intensive community collaboration for bringing Artificial Intelligence technology and use cases to the masses.

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1. The Program incorporates, facilitating Government Agencies to implement AI solutions for better governance. 2. Various relevant AI use-cases will be explored and implemented in Telangana Government to showcase and lead the way globally for 'Government-as-a-buyer' for AI.
3. There would be opportunities for start-ups/enterprises to scale their solutions with 'Government as a Consumer'.

1. Artificial Intelligence applications in Government and various other domain offers immense opportunity for Industry and Startups to increase productivity and intensify industrial production. 2. The industry would find cost-effective solutions to their enterprise problems. MSMEs/Startups pursuing AI Innovation would be given preference by the Government Procurement.

1. Collaboration between Academia, Government Agencies and Industries will be promoted, where AI researchers would collaborate with stakeholders to develop and improvise research outputs for promoting AI. 2. Prioritize investments in the next generation of AI to promote research in areas such as healthcare, agriculture, education, public welfare and enable Telangana as a leader in AI. 3. Educational Institutes, Universities would participate in skilling and upskilling workforce to meet industry needs for quality AI Professional which would create new employment opportunities.

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