What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a technology which enables a machine to complete the tasks which involve a certain degree of intelligence which was previously deemed only to be done by humans. Completion of such tasks include processes such as learning, reasoning, and self-correction by machines.

Machine Learning (ML) is a method where the target (goal) is defined and the steps to reach that target is learned by the machine itself by training on data (gaining experience). Image Recognition, Predictive Analytics are important examples.

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AIM of “Year of AI 2020”

Realizing the potential of Artificial Intelligence, the government in consultation with industry, academia and the AI community, is working towards making Hyderabad an active hub in this technology and the State envisions: To make Hyderabad amongst Top 25 Global AI Innovation Hubs

Year Of AI 2020 VISION

AI Hub will accelerate the process of powering Hyderabad to a leading Global Artificial Intelligence Innovation hub. AI hub will identify areas of application of AI in Government, associated data sets, and conceive programs for adoption. It will identify areas where future-proof solutions need to be developed through Industry-Academia Collaboration and seek partnership with global institutes to bring in global best practices. AI2 will assist in skill development, identify mentors for innovators, conduct grand challenges/hackathons among various other initiatives.

The key is to attract global and local start-ups, enterprises to set up operations in the state through slew of incentives, access to data, acceleration support and single window operations inclusive of procurement. The AI2 acts as an anchor around which the AI ecosystem will develop, this framework sets the strategic direction and is based around five main pillars:

  • Developing Talent Pool
  • Supporting Infrastructure
  • Promoting Research and Innovation
  • Enabling Adoption and Community Collaboration
  • Open Data, Ethics and Privacy

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